You’ve had it. You’re done. Maybe it’s your in-house marketing team that’s run out of ideas or just isn’t creative. Maybe it’s your marketing agency that’s not invested or too expensive. Maybe it’s your market share, your sales, your revenues that are taking a beating. If it’s time to seek a new brand partner, here are 4 mistakes you’ll want to avoid. Big time.

noise mistakes to avoid hospitality agency

  1. MISTAKE: THINKING THAT SIZE MATTERS. Note to self: size really doesn’t matter, at least for 90% or more of hospitality brands across the United States and Caribbean. In fact, size can prove to be a negative trait for any marketer that doesn’t want to be the small fish in a big pond. Large agencies drip in bureaucracy, are often mired in layers of mandatories, making them slow to respond with a hefty hourly to cover overhead. Instead, seek an agency that’s nimble, personal, vested in you and quick to respond, with a price-value to your advantage. Case in point: the California Division of Tourism Digital Marketing called NOISE specifically because they’d had it with big firms — and desired boutique size and service, with stellar creative and execution.
  1. MISTAKE: UNDERVALUING EXPERIENCE. There are a lot of flavor-of-the-day agencies that pop up and stir buzz with an award-winning campaign, upside-down creative or otherwise attention getting tactics. By all means, talk to them. But be sure to ask the question: what do you know about my industry? Fact: hiring a branding partner who doesn’t know hospitality will cost you — short term in the time and money you’ll invest teaching them your industry, long term in the mistakes they’ll make along the way. Instead, look for a brand agency that’s founded in hospitality, and staffed with hospitality pros. 
  1. MISTAKE: WHAT THEY DON’T KNOW CAN HURT YOU. This is almost an extension of our second point, but digs deeper. True hospitality brand agencies have experience not only in messaging and delivery, but in backroom operations and revenue growth including pricing, packaging, promotion, upselling, audience profiling, behavioral marketing, geo-targeting, search and retargeting, online conversions, tele-conversions, trending, analytics and course correcting through the marketing calendar. Mandatory: find an agency that’s as expert and experienced on your side of the desk as you are.
  1. MISTAKE: PAYING FOR DREAMS. Most agencies will charge you for learning their business and, once they do, Strategic Brand Plans. Precious are the select few agencies that will treat your relationship as a true partnership, by learning your business on their dime and assuming the costs of a Strategic Brand Plan as part of their investment. Mandatory: find an agency that bets on itself, rather than bills you for it.

Interested? Contact us here at NOISE. We’d love to show you how we help you avoid these (and other) mistakes.