Aspirational Storytelling:
A Higher Degree of Caring.
Why does someone want to be a nurse? The most common thread, of course, is a passion to care. But perhaps not surprising, aspiring nurses are as diverse in their motivations as they are as humans.

That was the eureka NOISE discovered in student focus groups for Belling College of Nursing — an affiliate of Bellin Health, for more than 130 years among the most honored health care systems in the Midwest. And out of that research an aspirational storytelling campaign took shape, as students identified some serious, some practical, some funny and all, truly honest reasons for their pursuit.

The result? An award-winning campaign that uniquely shared the stories of 10 students and their many heart-felt inspirations to serve — with amazing reactions and results.

You’re Ready for Life. We’ve Been Waiting for You.

NOISE develops a brand promise that captures the primary desire of nursing student prospects with “A Higher Degree of Caring.” The campaign provides a call to action (“We’ve Been Waiting for You”), original photography of 10 actual students, plus personalized “checkbox headlines” reflecting the many reasons that motivate Bellin College of Nursing students. Enrollment increases and the campaign wins numerous awards for its clarity, excellence, authenticity and results.

The result? An award-winning, results-generating multi-media campaign was literally created out of a student-based research session — one that featured 10 actual students in image and story, with multiple choice “headlines” that reflected their numerous motivations for pursing a nursing career.