As a travel brand, you already know that your website is king. But of course, you need a lot of followers if you’re gonna be king.

nise trendspottingsAttracting those followers and driving them to your web requires a strategic plan with specific goals, accompanied by a wide array of tactics that’ll reach your consumers across their many touchpoints. And two vital, cornerstone tactics — for the win (FTW)— are search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM).

Put simply, SEO is comprised of a variety of efforts that you or your agency perform to elevate your position within the organic search engine results page (SERP), while SEM is paid media that places your site in front of consumers who are searching the keywords you or your agency are buying.

Executed correctly, your organic search efforts via SEO should exceed traffic driven by paid search — meaning you’re attracting more web visits at no charge versus SEM paid media.

Finally, there’s this thing called retargeting — another paid media component that tracks visitors to your website who haven’t transacted with you, and serves them your ads as they visit other sites, or scroll through social media, to remind them of your brand, serve them offers and ideally convert a sale.

In the end and again executed correctly, you should see year over year web traffic growth and with it, year over year revenue growth. If you’re on board with SEO, SEM and other traffic drivers, bravo! If not, let’s get to work.