The recent and continuing turnaround of the nation’s health, economy and confidence is a remarkable circumstance, considering the dire situation of literally just a few months ago. Here in Florida, many lodging brands — particularly those located on or near beaches — began their recovery early in spring, and are now seeing record demand throughout the summer and into fall.

How are you faring?

If your revenues aren’t roaring, you may want to look back and examine just how robust and aggressive your communications with your audiences were during the darker days of the pandemic. Brands that maintained connection with their audiences were certainly the first to see reservations spike when consumer confidence toward travel began to return.

But even if you could’ve done better in the past, it’s not too late to seize the moment — by making your messaging aspirational.

People almost literally cannot wait to travel again. The pent-up demand over the last 15 months has consumers dreaming of their favorite vacation destination. So capitalize on that opportunity and focus on making your messaging highly visual. Put your audiences in the moment on your beaches, your hiking trails, your mountain vistas, your cityscapes — and preferably, please, with original photography of your brand’s unique appeal and not stock photos.

Aspirational imagery will inspire action, and action will engage revenues.


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