Having a healthy virtual community for your brand is essential for your online success. Whether in social media, email marketing, SEO or web ads, a community that’s happy and engaging with your brand can make the best impact on others.  

Creating a content marketing campaign is the best way to establish this. With a successful content marketing strategy, your brand will draw in new customers and develop them into happy members of your virtual community.   

First, let’s look at why your brand would benefit from content marketing. Below are five great points on why you should want to have a healthy online presence:   

  • According to a study done by Forbes in 2020, companies are 14 times more likely to sell to an active community member than to someone on the outside.  
  • Healthy communities can provide brands with helpful market insights. Things like statistical demographics, common interests and user online behavior patterns can all be obtained online via content marketing.   
  • Loyal members will gladly give feedback to brands, whether in the form of messaging, comments or surveys.   
  • Customers have become more selective than ever with what brands they choose to support. Many users will now research a brand’s background before clicking add to cart.   
  • According to 5WPR, Millennials and Gen-Z prefer businesses that practice healthy values: 
    • Sustainability 
    • Planet Responsibility  
    • Social Progress  

But how can a brand use content marketing to develop and foster an online community? Here are five great ways on how:   

  • Feature your community members in spotlights, stories and blog posts. Trust us – they’ll love it.   
  • Share community member’s content. Whether it’s a picture, video, blog post they wrote or a review, featuring it on your brand’s social media pages and website  
  • Listen and read about the things your community discusses the most. Your brand will be able to decipher what’s working and what isn’t.   
  • Highlight your brand’s company culture. That’ll be received warmly by your current members and can help recruit new members.   
  • Content marketing provides an opportunity to interact with your members and guests on a personal level.   


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