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If healthcare advertising doesn’t send your blood pressure up, you should probably have your eyesight and hearing checked. The ads that aren’t alarmingly grim tend to be gratingly cheery. either way, it’s not an effective way of branding an institution that wants you to trust your life to it. With its photo-and-caption catalogue of conditions serious enough to require surgery – including prostate cancer fractures and infertility – this ad can’t be accused of being unduly cheery. But neither is it grim. The pastiche of photos is engagingly quirky. And the brief body copy is introduced by a headline that generates an aura of competent calm: “What seems to be the problem?”

You may be in a panic about your condition but this familiar, low-key sentence makes you feel the professionals at Fort HealthCare have seen worse and dealt with it successfully. As such, the headline prepares you to read the text’s counter-intuitive message with an open mind: Surgery is no longer something to avoid if at all possible. “Once upon a time in medicine, surgery was the last resort. Now it’s often the best. Today, minimally-invasive, endoscopic or laser surgery can remove cancers, clear sinuses, correct vision, help with weight loss, relieve pain and more – often without overnight hospitalization.”

This in itself won’t overcome readers’ natural reluctance to go under the knife if they can avoid doing so. But it will lead them to consider the possibility they’d be better off after attention from “one of the expert Fort HealthCare surgeons” than they are now.

Published On: July 6th, 2020 / Categories: Healthcare, Media Praise, Our News /