noise trendspottings reviewsThink of the last time you were ready to make a purchase. Whether it was a household item online, dinner at a new restaurant or that long-awaited vacation to an island — before you keyed in your credit card information, you quite likely reviewed reviewsIn fact, a study conducted by Pew Research Center found that 82% of Americans read reviews before they buy. 

That’s a lot of consumers and, seeing as so many of us rely on reviews, so should every hospitality brander. But here’s the rub: have you fully leveraged the full power and revenue-generating potential of the almighty review? Let’s look at why you should use reviews, how to generate more reviews and how to put them to best use for you. 

WHY USE REVIEWS? This seems like an easy question to answer on the surface, but it actually goes much deeper. Reviews are much-sought-after by consumersbut unfortunately are floating around the  Intraweb here, there and everywhereTravelers want to hear about your brand from other travelers. That’s a sense of trust that can’t be replicated in paid media. But that doesn’t mean your brand can’t use this to your advantage.  

Imagine if you could serve them directly to your potential consumers — saving them time, reducing inconvenience and ushering them to the book now button quicker.  

By sharing reviews with potential consumers, you’re investing in them and showing a willingness to be transparent. Share a review about how well you’re doing with safety protocols and yet how fun the experience was? Other travelers are going to want that, too. Especially now.  

GATHERING REVIEWS. We live in an age where you don’t have to work too hard for reviews. The first place you could find reviews is quite literally around the corner: in-house. If your resort offers comment cards or allows guests to leave reviews via email or messages, rock on. 

At the same time, as we all know, a simple Google search will pull a diverse selection of reviews (hopefully mostly good) from myriad sites. Some will be blogs, some will be crowdsourcing websites (such as TripAdvisor or Yelp) and some come straight from Google users. All of these resources are valid and valuable to help the customer along the journey. 

noise trendspottings

SHARING REVIEWS. Upon finding a review you desire to share, you’ll want to make sure as many prospective guests see it and read itNOISE recommends building the review into a graphic that’s easily readable and eye appealing (see examples)From here, you can share the glowing praise via any number of platforms: be it e-CRM, social, web, video or skywriter. 

In our experience, social media is the most powerful influencer — especially in a Covid world. If the review is about cleanliness, the net result is your would-be guests will feel more confident visiting. If it’s about your property’s beauty, they’ll want to click to your website for a closer look. If it’s about your outstanding dining, link the review to your destination restaurant’s image gallery, video gallery or Instagram page. 

When used properly, reviews from guests and users can have quite the positive outcome for your brand. Let NOISE help you turn your positive reviews into positive revenues.