Brands that demonstrate consistency in their logo and iconography, while providing quality service, captivate their consumers — which can result in larger profit margins, increased trade cooperation, more effective marketing communications and greater consumer loyalty. For instance, simply mentioning a brand name like Starbucks brings the iconic logo, quality of the coffee and service, and those perfectly branded coffee cups to any consumers mind. In 1971, it was a coffee shop not unlike any other coffee shop. Starbucks is now one example of a major brand that’s laid a solid framework for becoming a household name and achieving strong brand equity —  speaking of, as of 2019, the corporation has a market cap of roughly $85 billion.

Brand equity is the thing that makes consumers wait in the morning rush lines for their Starbucks coffee rather than just making a cup at home, or stopping at any coffee joint along the way. This is what every company wants for their brand; to have your customers pick you out of a sea of options because they recognize your brand for what it is – consistent, high-quality, and worth their money. With a solid and consistent brand logo, consumers recognize your products and services as the ones they know and love, and if your quality is the same from macchiato to cold brew, your customers will be hooked. Your consistency is the glue that binds people to your brand.

At NOISE, we’re serious about brand identity and brand consistency. For each client, we create a Brand Sherpa — a quick reference resource for us, as well as your teams, to communicate how your brand assets can and cannot be used, manipulated or changed. This includes your company’s mission, vision, values, logos, brand fonts, photography, graphic styles and more.

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Published On: February 7th, 2020 / Categories: Marketing Strategy /