In today’s uncertain world — particularly in the United States — escapism has never been more appealing. Without the ability to physically venture freely, many Americans are attracted to resources that, at least, can whisk them off to a virtual vacation. 

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At NOISE, we’ve strongly upped emotional engagement campaigns for our hospitality brands that have shown tremendous and positive results. One such medium is the podcast (listen to this episode here if you prefer) — a perfect means to transport your guests virtually anywhere. From informative episodes to narrated travel adventures, podcasts can provide just the escapism wanna-be travelers are longing for during these times 

To witthe podcast industry isn’t feeling the sting from the pandemic world. Episode plays remain the same number they were pre-COVID (825 million monthly downloads), meaning of course that listeners are still eagerly tuning in. 

So, congrats to you hospitality brands that are currently podcasting. And to those that aren’tHere are a few reasons NOISE recommends you tune in: 

DIG DEEPERPodcasts are a digital medium that give hospitality marketers the ability to go indepth about informative topics — what their resorts are doing to safeguard guests, the over and above measures they’ve taken to follow or exceed CDC guidelines, brand commitment to safety and other “peace of mind” mesures. Travelers are eager to know what your property is doing ensure their trip is going to be fun and healthy. 

THE HUMAN TOUCH, DIGITALLY. Podcasts allow brands to literally put a human touch on their marketing campaigns. And, with everything going on in the world right now, there’s never been a more important time for that.  

Podcasts grant presenters and narrators the ability to really connect with their listeners. Hospitality brands can use podcasts to share news about their resort, plans the resort has and even stories about the resort — history and legend, the beautiful scenery sitting poolside or beachfront, plans for future growht. The topics are limitless and listeners will be captivated by them.  

THE REVIEWS ARE INPodcasts also allow brands to showcase positive reviews relative to the subject matter. If an episode is about a restaurant at the resort, narrators can discuss signature dishes and cocktails that are guest favorites and read positive reviews. If an episode is about hosting weddings, they can add wedding music to their podcast to keep it fun and discuss how beautiful your resort can make te special day. They can share reviews from wedding guests and newly married couples too. 

There are countless of stories, ideas and information hospitality brands can discuss on podcasts that will catch listener’s ears and minds. At NOISE, we know a thing or three about podcasting and the digital radio. Interested? Let our social marketing team help you set up a channel, outline an episode and share your brand with the world.