How do you talk to your guests and prospects? It’s a question every brand, large or small, needs to ask of its marketing team.  To assist you, we’ve provided five questions you can ask. See if you score an A, B, C, D or (dah-dah-dah) F. 

HOW HAVE YOU GATHERED YOUR E-CRM LIST? Creating a revenue-rich list for your e-marketing campaigns is obviously step number one. The important question is: how efficiently and effectively are you collecting data? One way to gather offline is by simply asking guests during telecom reservations, or on arrival and check out (with the promise of exclusive offers to tease)Online, use pop-ups or lead magnets, with headers like VIP and Membership Club to again promise value.

ARE YOU REQUIRING AN ACTIONABLE OPT-IN? Used to be that any transaction with any company established the e-CRM relationship. That’s still true — but only to a degree. If your consumers purchase your travel (or other) service or product, you’re certainly entitled to follow up with them electronically relative to quality, satisfaction and other necessities. However, woe to the marketing department that hijacks transactional e-mail for remarketing purposes. A specific, non-checked box affirming the consumer’s desire to receive promotional e-CRM is a mandatory. Hey, we don’t like it any more than you do if that means anything.

ARE YOU ON A FIRST NAME BASIS? Everyone wants to feel important and treated like an actual person. Addressing your constituents with personalized emails is a great way to keep them engaged. According to WordStreamaudiences that receive a personalized welcome generate 320% more revenue than those receiving generic emails. How are you doing so far? 

ARE YOUR MESSAGES INTERACTIVE? Ask, and you shall receive. According to Oracle, 55% of your guests who receive personalized offers or promos will thank you by providing personal details. Asking simple questions like favorite seasons, weather, foods, events or other desires can be extremely valuable for hoteliers, and gives the guest a sense of investment and controlOf course, you can then appeal to their interests in segmented emails that are laser-focused in matching demand with supply.

DO YOU TAKE A DEEP BREATH ONCE AND A WHILE? Inundating your e-database with sales message after sales message after sales message can result in burnout, turn-off or heavens forbid (dah-dah-dah) — the dreaded opt-out. So take occasions — from national holidays to causes to special occasions for your brand — to ease off the pedal and just chat with your consumers. Honestly. Emotionally. Without any “buy now” or “book now” button. 

So, how did you score? Grade yourself a grade for each question you’ve answered in the affirmative. And if you’ve failed on three or more test questions, call the tutors at NOISE.