We’ve all been there. We see an ad on Facebook and think: “Why am I seeing this? I would never be interested.”  

You know what happens next: you keep scrolling. You forget about it and move on. This is one of the key problems with only boosting your ads on Facebook. Yet, at the same time, so many brands and marketing departments think this is the way to success. Just boost the post and the likes, clicks and sales will pile up.  

News flash — there’s a lot more to it.  

That’s why Facebook rolled out a new program called Facebook Ad Objectives. Here at NOISE, we know the ins and outs of Facebook Ad Objectives and how to properly apply them to your brand’s posts.  

So, before you click the boost post button, hear us out:  

WHAT IS FACEBOOK AD OBJECTIVES? Boosting allows users to see your ad, but that’s it. You don’t have any control over who might see it, which can lead to wasted dollars spent on an ad with little to no ROAS. For example, you might boost a post of your brand’s beautiful beach. But what good does that post do if the future travelers that see it are looking to book a snowboarding getaway?  

This is where Facebook Ad Objectives can help you, especially in the first step.  

AWARENESS ADS TO YOUR BENEFIT. Awareness Ads are a category in Facebook Ad Objectives that are a virtual “Hello My Name Is” sticker for your brand. It’s a great intro on letting users know who you are and what your brand is about. This option of ads is a great way to stay fresh in the mind of the consumers who see it. High value bonusFacebook and Instagram will display your ad specifically for your target audience (goodbye snowboarders)? This is a great starting block for your brand and a good way to save time and money.  

CONSIDER CONSIDERATION ADS. Consider the idea that your Awareness Ads were a smashing success and many people viewed your post. Consideration Ads give you the option to do many different things. For example, the Traffic option. It’s a great choice if you want users to do something with your brand outside of Facebook, like visit a landing page or blog post. Facebook will display your ad to the users it deems as most likely to follow hyperlinks.  

If you would want to stay within Facebook, the Engagement option is just for you. Engagement focuses on likes, reactions, comments and shares and will display your ad to users who like to thumbs up, heart and share with their friends.  

Finally, the Lead Generation choice is great for learning more about users that fall into your target audience. This option targets users who are most likely to come back to ads from time to time and interact with them. With this choice, you can learn about the user, brand specifically to them and then drive them to your page to convert.  

CONVERSION ADS FOR THE WIN. Once users are familiar with your brand, you’ll want to start selling to them. That’s where Conversion Ads come in. If you want users to subscribe to newsletters, register for offers or even book a trip, this ad will display to users who are most likely to do just that. These types of ads will take the information learned from previous ad campaigns and see which users most interacted with them the most. It then displays your Conversion Ad to those said users, generates excitement and then takes them to the book now button.  

Facebook Ad Objectives is one of the greatest tools to use when marketing on Facebook. It’s one of the few tools anywhere where you can literally follow your users from first learning about your brand to the book now page. Let NOISE help you start your campaign today. Get 10% off our social media package, which includes a complimentary bio link for Instagram, with your 6-month subscription. Reach out to Partner Ashley Shenk at 239.395.9555 or email her here.