Brewing Up Attendance and Sales Records, Seven Years in a Row

Established in 1855, Miller Brewing Company (now Molson Coors) ranks as the second-largest brewing corporation in America — trailing only Anheuser Busch in market share and mindshare.  So when Miller Brewery Tours determined a reboot brand strategy was needed to engage young adult consumers in the history, quality and fun of Miller products on an experiential level, it assigns branding of the legendary brewery tours to NOISE Inc. 

Get Into Miller Time

The flagship attraction for Miller Brewing Company — the Miller Brewery Tour and Gift Center — enjoys 84 consecutive months of record-setting attendance, revenue and sales growth.

Each year, the agency developed new and innovative multi-media strategic brand plans — and supported those plans with highly creative, integrated and effective television, radio, print, outdoor, point-of-sale and online advertising (along with creative special events and publicity efforts).

Major travel, attractions and advertising industry awards
*At the time of work, NOISE was DBA a previous corporate name with John Sprecher as President and Creative Director.