Most of us keep our mobile devices within arm’s reach, so it should come as no surprise how popular mobile travel booking is becoming.  Currently, booking on a computer is still the main way for travelers to make reservations. However, industry experts are noting that more travelers are using their cell phones to explore vacation options and hotel websites — only leaving the device to make the final reservation from a computer due to an easier user-experience.

Mobile booking has closed the gap year after year in reservation bookings and could overtake computer reservations by 2022 as the mobile user-experience continues to be refined. Not to mention — mobile booking volume is expected to rise over $108.75 billion in 2021.

As a result, hoteliers are employing both computer and mobile friendly outlets for travelers to use. But what if a hotelier doesn’t know how to make a mobile app or code correctly for mobile websites? That’s why hiring a travel brand agency with experience, expertise and excellence is a vital asset for staying trendy, meeting and exceeding expectations, and growing revenue.

Whether it’s a clumsy website or inconsistent messaging, boring social media or a lack of understanding analytics, there’s really little room in destination and travel branding for novices, and you hire one at your own risk.

Enter NOISE. With 33 years of industr


y experience; seasoned professionals and innovative next gen leaders; 450-plus national and international awards; and 100-plus industry clients, the words “learning curve” are not in our lexicon.

Three seconds is the key. If an app takes more than three seconds to either load or find information, the user will most likely ditch the site and move on elsewhere. Don’t let that happen to you.

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