Social media is constantly evolving. From different platforms, to users, to tactics — it’s a constantly morphing force that smart marketers anticipate before the minions follow.

Take Instagram. IG is reshaping the way we market right now — and it’s hard to stay true to your brand while standing out from the competition. Lucky for you, we’re sharing four apps that can take you to Instagram nirvana.

Buffer. Unlike its social media counterparts Twitter and Facebook, Instagram doesn’t let you schedule posts within the app. But there’s a workaround. Buffer is by far the best bang for your buck for scheduling apps. Buffer allows you to connect not only Instagram, but all of your social media accounts. You decide how often you want to publish, when you want to publish and how. Not to mention, the Instagram hashtag manager tool is a great resource to see what’s trending and what hashtags your account has primarily been using.

Pixaloop. Pixaloop promises to “breathe life into your pictures” and that’s exactly what it does. This amazing app brings awesomeness into your Instagram feed and will help you catch the eyes of your followers. Its main feature is the ability to take ordinary images and animate sections within them. You can assign areas to animate — whether it be clouds, water, plaid patterns on a shirt — and move them in whatever direction you’d like. You can also freeze sections of the image that you want to remain still. Plus there’s a plethora of other features for you to play with including 3D motions, moving overlays, animated objects, GIFs and stickers.

Photoshop Express. We feel your panic and terror reading that app name. But trust us when we say: Photoshop Express is much easier to use than the actual Photoshop program. It’s a lite version that allows marketers to spiff up their images with detail, vibrance and quality in a way that most default Instagram filters won’t. Have an image that’s blurry? PS Express can fix that with their matte and sharpening tool. Need to blur out something in the background? PS Express’s smart tool can decipher the subject of the picture and allow you to blur out what you need. Need to add text to your image? You can do that too.

Unfold. Instagram stories are vital to any company’s brand. They can be images you’ve uploaded, graphics, links for users to click on (if you have over 10,000 followers), even other user’s images you’d like to share to your audience. Your stories can be a serious traffic and conversion driver, so you’ll want to bring your A game. Unfold allows you to really separate from other accounts with modern templates, seasonal themes and customizable image borders. Not to mention they have a library of gifs, stickers, text boxes and fonts for you to jazz up your story game.

So get to work — or, in a way, get to play.