Wouldn’t it be nice for your guests to have an easy button? Like a sci-fi transmitter they could pull out and instantly communicate your wants and needs with your property?

Well, the future has arrived with new mobile apps that are being developed for hotels and resorts. You might be thinking: What can an app really do that my guest services people can’t?

Prepare for: mind blown.

One of the greatest benefits of your own branded app is that guests can directly and immediately (from anywhere) get in touch with the front desk. A recent study showed 75% of lodging guests would definitely use a resort’s mobile app to request more pillows, blankets, toiletries and such. Since meeting and exceeding guest expectations during their stay is a resort’s lifeblood, a feature like this offers not only benefits of ease, but also of service speed and guest satisfaction. On the flip side, if a guest is waiting for a new room or for their room to be cleaned, they can be messaged directly through the app when the room is ready.

Another key is how much travelers are using their mobile phones on the property. Once guests arrive, they often pull out their phone and investigate what’s nearby. With your branded app, you could highlight the many activities to enjoy on property, which keeps them within your circle of influence and keeps their spending on-site. Added value is also a plus as hoteliers can easily offer discounts or coupons with the app for guests to use at any number of amenities.

With the rise of mobile devices, your guests can step outside of their hotel rooms and go online in the palm of their hands. Shouldn’t you go with them?

Published On: August 7th, 2019 / Categories: Hospitality, Resorts, Tourism /