In today’s always-on messaging world, advertisers face ever-increasing friction to stand out, be noticed and most of all, be purchased. Most often, that challenge is put to the test of creative directors, copywriters, art directors, media directors, content marketers, social media geniuses and other brand communicators and strategists — all working to nail the spot-on message and deliver it with pinpoint accuracy to highest-value consumer targets.

Or, you can just radically think outside the box — or as is the case with Stillhouse Spirits, purchased by Bacardi, you think outside the bottle.

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Launched in spring of 2019, credit somebody on the brand development team with asking the question: hey, why not put our new whisky, bourbon and vodka in turpentine cans? So they did, and to say that they remarkably stand out on the shelf is an understatement. They almost leap off into your hands.

Unfortunately, at least to this reviewer, the product (in my case, vodka) fails to deliver on the high expectations set up by the brilliant packaging. This is not “America’s finest vodka,” regardless of the typography. It’s not even average vodka.

And so, in the end, this consumer was one and done with Stillhouse Spirits. Which proves the classic industry adage once again true: nothing kills a poor product faster than great advertising — or in this case, packaging. Don’t let your brand delivery fail to meet (better: exceed) your consumer’s expectations.