Color Marketing Group is the leading international association of color design professionals. This past November, more than 200 design pros gathered, looked 2020 in the mirror with a sneer and landed on four key colors representing a variety of moods that everyone in the brand industry will want to embrace. These forecast colors are supported by color stories that contain each color’s drivers and influence. So, creative directors and art directors and designers and anyone else with an eye toward leading edge design, take note. And what do you think?

trendspottings colors 2021MIST. By design definition, Mist will offer a cleansing breath that’ll overcome any steamy deterioration (not sure what that means). Bottom line: it’s a color design pros will tell you is filled with positivity and light. And we all need a lot of that.




UNI-CORAL. According to those in the know, this energetic, glowing color will inspire both fun and the need for action by looking at the big picture, and harnessing collective energies globally. In other words, let’s all get on the same page and work together for good. We’re all for that, too.




RENACER. Also called “Reborn,” designers suggest this complex color — based in red and blue — represents femininity and masculinity in a balanced way. It’s said to harken to a future of pure energy and inner spirituality. Okay by us.




RAISON D’ETRE. The final key color of 2021, according to designers, is earthy yet synthetic, representing the natural and artificial worlds — while challenging the viewer to give your contribution to the world, no matter how big or how small. Not sure we see all that here, but we love the sentiment.




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