travel video noiseWhether you’re on a brand’s social media page or their main website, there’s an increasing trend you’ve probably noticed – videosvideos and more videos. And for good reason. According to Cisco, by 2022 Internet videos will make up over 82% of all consumer online trafficwhile other studies consistently show that people are more likely to watch videos than read blogs. 

With this  rising trend, you might be thinkingwell, maybe it’s time for us to catch this train as well. And you know what – you’re right! While some brands still use full production methods for capturing video, others are now simply reaching into their pockets and pulling out their cellphones to take video.  

Whichever you choose is entirely up to you — keeping in mind your audiences, goals and messaging you want to convey. But before posting that video to your site and social media accounts, you might want to hit play and watch it first. Does it need to be edited? Production is a key part in video marketing. Let’s look at some ways an experienced agency, like NOISE, can help you transform your videos into something that consumers will love to watch.  

PROFESSIONAL EDITING. We’ve all seen them beforevideos that are bouncy or blurry and make you go huh Posting videos like this is a real turnoff for viewers and your brand will suffer.  

Whether you’re on a brand’s social media page or their main website, there’s an increasing trend you’ve probably noticed – videos, videos and more videos. And for good reason. 

This is where professional editing comes in. If you hire an experienced agency and take the time to have them edited, you’ll notice the difference. During editing, everything about the video will be taken into consideration. Look at the color temperaturedo you want it to have that warm tropical hue or cooler brisk tint to it? Or maybe the aspect ratio needs to be changed so it can fit on mobile screensCould we use a lower third to label certain shots that help users know what they’re looking at? A good, experienced agency will take the time to consider all of these questions (and many more!) to help you figure out what’s best for your brands videos.  

THE POWER OF FILLER AND B-ROLL FOOTAGE. If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the years, it’s not to underestimate the power of b-roll video. Whether it’s a palm tree swaying in the breeze, a sun setting over the ocean or a couple walking down the beach, filler video can play a pivotal role in your videos. B-roll footage can be used in between shots to help enrich the overall video while keeping the main focus moving. They can be used during editing for flashy cutaways that add dynamics to your video. Or help an interview go solely from a person talking about something, to showing what the person is talking about. You can even just have the voice of the person being interviewed used over the b-roll if it fits.  

B-roll can also play in an important role in today’s media savvy world. Posting that 15 second clip of a person relaxing while drinking coffee to your site can offer a quick glimpse into your resort’s café. And keep in mind, video isn’t just a one-trick wepony; besides your website, you have myriad social platforms, e-marketing campaigns, YouTube channels and more ready to reach your consumers.  Having a file of b-roll footage at your disposal will only flex the muscles of your brand’s marketing ability.  

ashley shenk noise john sprecher noiseSo before posting your footage onlinehave a set of professional eyes take a look at it first. Here at NOISE, we’re more than happy to lend you our editing tools and expertise. 

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