NOISE TRENDSPOTTINGSAs we transition into a new year, it’s important to look back to see how 2020’s adopted trends will play in 2021 — and it’s safe to say, streaming video is booming and will most likely continue to dominate in the months and perhaps years ahead. And as a healthcare marketer, how should video influence your branding and marketing mix?

According to YouTube Video Global Solutions, consider the following:

DOUBLE DOWN ON BRAND BUILDING. Too often, longer term brand-building investments are cut first during a crisis, when they’re critical to business growth. Online video is proving to be a powerful medium for brand building, capable of reaching a wide audience while also focusing on specific products and ROI-targeted conversions.

EMBRACE THE MOVEMENT TO DIGITAL. While more healthcare is being transacted digitally, seek opportunities to provide your audiences new products, services, amenities and communications — and promote these valuables with the performance power of video.

EVOLVE MEASUREMENTS TO DRIVE RESULTS. As Covid and economic conditions change, be sure to constantly evaluate your key performance indicators — and be ready and willing to pivot when something’s working…or something’s not.

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