NOISE TRENDSPOTTINGSAs we transition into a new year, it’s important to look back to see how 2020’s adopted trends will play in 2021 — and it’s safe to say, streaming video is booming and will most likely continue to dominate in the months and perhaps years ahead. And as a hospitality marketer, how should video influence your branding and marketing mix?

According to YouTube Video Global Solutions, consider the following:

DOUBLE DOWN ON BRAND BUILDING. Too often, longer term brand-building investments are cut first during a crisis, when they’re critical to business growth. Online video is proving to be a powerful medium for brand building, capable of reaching a wide audience while also focusing on specific products and ROI-targeted conversions.

EMBRACE THE MOVEMENT TO E-COMMERCE. While a great deal of hospitality revenue is transacted digitally, seek opportunities to provide your audiences new products, services, amenities and even gifts via e-commerce — and sell these valuables with the performance power of video.

EVOLVE MEASUREMENTS TO DRIVE RESULTS. As Covid, travel and economic conditions change, be sure to constantly evaluate your key performance indicators — and be ready and willing to pivot when something’s working…or something’s not.


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